Welcome to Masseria Monacelle

An authentic corner of Puglia. Where the passion for dairy meets the art of craftsmanship.

Ours is a family-run farm, nestled in the countryside of Noci; where we bring our cheeses to life every day. Discover and bring authentic farmhouse flavors directly to your table.

An authentic corner of Puglia.

Our story began 100 years ago and continues to write important pages in the heart of Puglia, in the splendid Valle d’Itria.

Our passion lies in producing high-quality dairy products, handcrafted from the milk of our cows, nurtured with care and free to graze in our lands.


Our work is a blend of passion and dedication, a constant commitment that reflects in everything we create.

We handcraft our products, stretching the curd of mozzarella and caciocavallo with wooden sticks, just like it was done in the past. Above all, we work with heart to keep the ancient Apulian traditions alive.


We believe that care is the foundation of every quality product.

Our cows, nourished with healthy food, are the first link in the chain leading to the creation of our dairy products.

From the milking parlor to the refrigerator, and into the production lab, this is the only path our milk takes every day.

Our production is the beating heart of Masseria Monacelle. It's where, every day, the milk from our cows is transformed into delicious dairy delights, respecting the ancient artisanal traditions of Puglia.

Our range of fresh products is synonymous with genuineness and freshness. Perfect for enriching your tables with the authentic flavors of Puglia.
Our semi-aged products, such as provola and simple and spiced caciotte stracchinate, are ideal for those seeking a delicate but rich taste. Their maturation makes them perfect to be enjoyed at any time.